At Adamawa Celebrities, we are connecting all the social dots together. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions.

Our Company

Creativity, Innovation, Expertise, and Leadership is what we hunt and sell to the global society.

Adamawa Celebrities is an online portal enable users to create profiles and pages, join groups of interest, sell and buy products, book for joints and hotels, hire services from professionals and funtify.

We as a company  have established ourselves, within the online community, in order to offer musicians, actors/actresses, OAPs, Journalist, Comedians, record labels, and managers our continuous experience, skills, and expertise that we have in the digital realm of content promotion and marketing.

Our promotional/marketing campaigns use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.

Adamawa Celebrities - A modern community to connect socialize

Our Team

Our team consist of Creative, Innovative, Experts whose purple is to serve you best in service delivery.

Michael V. Bolgent
Loveth Shade John
Jennifer Timothy Nzarga
Head of Finance